Do you have a French marketing plan?



A – What is your next step within the French market?

You have a marketing plan. You are happy with the implementation.

All is well.

Do you have a blog in French for your prospects and clients?
Do you email them to keep in touch on a regular basis?

Have you set up a company page in French on LinkedIn?
And a Twitter or Pinterest account in French?

Do you know what people say about your brand on French social media?

Do you publish articles in French magazines or websites? Is it working? Do you get contacts from French journalists?

France is the place for some of the biggest international Trade Fairs. They reflect the global market in every sector. They are observatories of trends and innovation.

Some examples for 2015?

  • 8 International Trade fairs and exhibitions for the industry, research, science and technology, subcontracting sector
  • 10 for the food, hotel and restaurant industry
  • 17 for the textile, clothing, footwear, leather articles, jewellery and fashion accessories sector

And more than 700 Trade shows are announced for the same period all over France.

Have you attended some French Trade fair or conference or seminar? Would you like to give a talk in France? Or run a workshop?

B – What would you like to improve?

Planning, budget and resources are perfectible. And you know about the trade-offs.

What’s not working so well with your French marketing plan?

Do you need more speed?
More support with French language?
More relevance?
More feedback from your French clients?

How much money can you spend to go quicker?

Do you need more implementation and less planning?

Would you like to test your product for a few months in France in a chosen area?
Or set up a small email campaign to see how it works?

Improvement can be simple: your translated literature and website don’t sound French. They have been translated but not written in French.
Demonstrate that you understand your audience: ask a French copywriter to do some editing. Even if you don’t see the difference, French people will.

I am writing this text in a second language and you’ve probably noticed it. A British native would write this post differently. Are you tempted to make some changes? It’s natural.

Do you feel a language barrier is in your way for the French market?
This can change.

C – What is your priority?

You don’t have a marketing plan for the French market, you need one and you are ready.
What is your product about?

  • Best value
  • The best at the lowest price
  • Greener than your competitors’
  • The best service
  • The most advanced technology
  • Made-in-Britain and unique
  • Leader in your sector
  • New

What else your product is about?
And what do you want to do?

  • Do you want to build your brand in France?
  • Save and reduce costs with a bigger market?
  • Become known in France in your sector?
  • Get exposure to new ideas, technologies and sourcing?
  • Or do you simply want to sell online in French?

What are your available resources?
Consider your resources in the UK: your team, their language skills and their tasks.

  • How much time can they spend to produce French content?
  • What is your budget? What is your capacity to outsourcing and hiring for your French marketing?
  • Have you any contact or specialist or associate in France?
  • Can they do some research for you?
  • Can they send you facts, figures and insight on a regular basis?
  • Do you think you can include local French people in your French marketing?
  • Do you know their level of engagement?

The UK is less than 1% of the world population. Like France.
Are you ready to double your potential market?

D – What are the obstacles?

You do not have a marketing plan for the French market. You need one. But you are not ready to start. What are the obstacles?

  • The Board said they prefer China. Or India. Or Brazil, Russia (but they are not ready for these countries either)
  • You love France, not the French
  • Outsourcing some French marketing support is difficult because you have never done it before. You know that France has a huge potential market for your product. You need some help. Quickly.
  • Budget 2015 will be better.

Any other reasons?

You don’t have to speak French to sell in France. You need French language resources and French marketing support.




Enjoy reading this? Share it. Thank you very much 🙂 has been created by Véronique Mermaz, a brand and marketing specialist. She is originally from France and lives in rural England. You can find Véronique at LinkedIn or follow her on Twitter: @veroniquemermaz