What’s your sale channel to get French customers?

What's your sale channel to get French customers?

In Paris people are used to queue for bread.

It is a daily routine for most. With more than 300 bakeries in Paris the Parisians can choose not only the bread, but the shop, the street and the area.

And the smile of the shop assistant.

I used to buy heavy loaves of sour bread every week, within 15 minutes walk from home. I loved the bread, the shop, the team and the area. We were able to chat when it was quiet.

Running a bakery in Paris is facing clients all the time. From 5-6am to 7-8pm. There is the happy client, the smelly, the grumpy or the smart one. When they like the bread they come back everyday or so and when they don’t like it they go to a competitor. Simple.

Bread is easy to sell. No language skills required, no comments needed.

People from all over the world can get into a French bakery, show what they want, pay and get their change.

Most products are more difficult to sell to a foreign audience than bread: high-end products or components, unique and expensive products or products that require training or technical support.

Do you have a direct contact with French customers?

How do you talk with them?

How much French language skills do you need to persuade, convince and influence them?

There has never been so many sales channels.
And so many options to be or not to be in direct contact with your prospects and clients.
Sometime you need language skills. Sometime you don’t.

What is your sale channel to win French customers?




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