What I learned creating TV commercials for a global company

What I learned creating French TV commercials

Did you dream of an ideal working life when you were a teenager?

How did it go years later?

Was it different?

I started my working life as the assistant to a creative director in a large advertising company in Paris.

Rapidly I became an art director.

For some years my job was to create TV commercials for a global detergent company.

Paired with an extraordinary American senior copywriter from New York called Joyce and specialist of this industry sector, my mission was to make French people buy their washing powder, cleaning products and shampoos from the global brand.

Sometimes I was losing my way (I graduated in Fine Arts).

One day Joyce said: “You are paid to get the French buy washing powder, cleaning products and shampoos more often from this brand. It’s your job and you’ve signed for it”.

It was a simple and powerful advice. The deal was clear. So was my goal and despite hours of meetings with 20 people for the smallest detail I enjoyed bringing visual solutions to marketing problems.

I still do.

This was before the use of computers in agencies, at a time when creative teams had the power and huge money was available.

Today digital tools – paid or free – help to promote products and services quicker and cheaper. Permanent novelty provokes debates, hype and trends. Amazingly, mass-market and high luxury brands still spend a lot of money on advertising campaigns offline and online.

To buy and sell are human activities. Thanks to the Internet what happens between the two can take different shapes and journeys and people have their say. That’s great.

Whichever you promote, backpacks, handmade greeting cards, pickles, banjos or pillows, the best marketing campaign won’t save a crap product.

The French expression “vendeur de lessive” (soap salesman) is used to describe somebody trying to con people, forcing a sale or an action with no respect for the person.

Where do you plan to invest next?

In the development of your product or service? In their promotion?

Sell smart. It’s possible.




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