To help you design your squeeze page

A squeeze page (or capture page or landing page) is a web page — either inside or attached to your English website and under the same domain name, and which has a valuable offer in exchange for contact information. It contains:
—  An attention grabbing headline
—  The benefits: what your contact will get and how it will help them in their business
—  A call to action: “enter your details” (to get the free giveaway)
—  An opt-in form: your prospect agrees to be contacted again.

Your squeeze page has its own URL that you can promote via social media and email marketing.

There are trends for squeeze pages and online marketing agencies are very creative, especially in the US and Australia. The new thing is the “squeeze & sell” page (see bottom of the page).

I made sketches of squeeze pages from successful businesses. Have a look below.
You can discuss it with your web designer or agency.


In this example your capture page is a full screen photo with a contact box.
Simple, easy, there is no confusion at all.

Here the video is the attraction.
There is a lot of info about the benefit of subscribing.
Note that all social media icons are below the call to action (don’t escape before giving your details!).

Most of the time the contact box is on the right side.
Here it is the first thing you can read on the left.
You have the choice to go to the website if you don’t want to give your email address.
They don’t ask for your name, just for your email.

This capture page works in 2 steps. A bit like a double opt-in.
When people answer the question in Step1 they can choose between some very funny answers but that make no sense. The right answer is the name of the company.
So the company knows when they receive your details that you come from their website.
They know you are not a spammer.
Note that in Step2 they don’t even precise they want your email. Evident?

Another example of a very simple landing page where they don’t even want to know your name.
Newspapers and TVs’ logos bring a lot of credibility.

A very simple capture page where the video is key.
It is a 2 steps process. At some time, the contact box appears below the video: just when the person in the video asks you to give them your details to get access to a free giveaway.
Step1: nothing else to do than watching the video. You can focus really well.
Step2: at the right timing you can enter your details, not before.
Clear, clever.


This is the “squeeze and sell” page. People land on a web page where they are invited to:
1) watch a video and 2) get a free (something) — a book, a report, an object, a sample, etc.
To get their free (something) they have to opt-in: they press the button, a box appears where they can write their email address.
By giving their email address they get access to an order form, with a special discount: they pay only for the shipping.
It is clever: because even if they change their mind and don’t fill up the order form, you have got their email address.
The big change: no more box with big yellow button but a form that looks like an order form (more civilized?)
—  It is said to convert better (benefit of being the new thing?)
—  It helps you identify buyers from non-buyers
—  It gets people into the habit of buying on your website
And you demonstrate your customer service.


The privacy of your contact is very important

When your prospect leaves their details you need their agreement to send them further information and also the link to download a free giveaway. They give you the right to contact them again.

There are several ways to do that.
—  Simple opt-in:
people write their details, they click and land on a page where they can download the free giveaway

—  Double opt-in:
people write their details, click and get a message asking them to check their email box. In their email box they find a message with a link to click to go back to your website and download the free giveaway. Sometime there is even another email asking to confirm details before getting a link to download the free giveaway from the website.

When you design your squeeze page you design a step-by-step process: you guide your prospect towards what you want them to do. Explain each step in a simple and clear way.

Remember: never land in people’s email box without a good reason.

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Enjoy reading this? Share it. Thank you very much 🙂 has been created by Véronique Mermaz, a brand and marketing specialist. She is originally from France and lives in rural England. You can find Véronique at LinkedIn or follow her on Twitter: @veroniquemermaz