How to start marketing in French

Imagine: French people discover your brand online. They understand the benefits of your product or service because your website is in French.
Imagine: they need your product, they love it. They can buy it.

This is crosscultural marketing.

Here are 3 things I can do for you to start.

Do you start? I research your market in France

To save you thousand of pounds in wasted investment and time I bring you competitor analysis, customer feedback and industry statistics.

Do you want to know:

What your French competitors publish online and offline?
How they rank with French search engines?
Where they sell their products in France?
Which French media they prefer for their press releases?
Which trade fairs they attend in France?

With consumer and marketing knowledge you can:

I follow up after 3 months so you can adjust your marketing plan. You tell me which sort of information and which level of details you need: do you want to know about the comments your main competitor gets when they publish a blog post? What does their French certifications mean in terms of quality? Would you like to see how they’ve redesign their packs?  It is possible.

“I wish to recommend ‘For your brand only‘ services. As Veronique rightly explains the French are very keen on British products but unless they can easily perceive the qualities and values of a given brand they will most certainly discard it. ‘For your brand only’ is the perfect go-between! / Francine Rouanet-Democrate, Language mentor, Founder & Director at The Way To France, Cambridge.”

Do you start? I handle for you one social media account in French

To grab the attention of potential customers and to understand what French people prefer, what they dislike and what make them tick I make good use of social media in French. I bring you perceptive insight on the French culture and mindset and it becomes easier for you to decide what to do next. I collect content on your industry sector in France so you know:

  • What your French competitors do and how they are perceived
  • The hashtags, events and trends for your industry sector in France
  • If the French know about you, if they like what you do

I keep an eye on both countries and languages and I follow your British social media account(s). You tell me which platform(s) you want to use and I talk with French people accordingly to your social media strategy and your editorial guidelines. I respect your tone of voice and your business culture. My involvement vary according your objectives and budget.

Do you start? We build a mini website in French for your product

To avoid you spend a lot of time and money in creating a comprehensive website in French (or the embarrassment of “Google Translated” pages) I create the content for a branded mini website in French. One or two page are enough for a start: I write the copy and produce sketches you can discuss with your web agency. So you can:

  • Attract French prospects and build your list (or database)
  • Introduce the French to the benefits of your product
  • Keep them informed in French about your offer and make them come back

I include your Terms & Conditions, Returns and Delivery policies in French; I explain the payment process in French. When it’s useful I adapt your marketing material in French and add it as PDFs files to download. This is a flexible and relatively quick way to start promoting your product online in French.

French language is a key for marketing in France. Get it!

Does exporting seem daunting? Think: “selling abroad”.

Piling containers at the Port of Felixstowe is not for every business. Start small and smart.

What do you want to achieve?
What’s in your way?
How fast you would like to go?

Improvement comes often from small and simple things.

Want to sell in France? Be found by French people.



Enjoy reading this? Share it. Thank you very much 🙂 has been created by Véronique Mermaz, a brand and marketing specialist. She is originally from France and lives in rural England. You can find Véronique at LinkedIn or follow her on Twitter: @veroniquemermaz