Selling your product in France: how ready are you?

Selling your product in France: How ready are you?

People say that a small action is a good start to make a move. A winning move.

Change your diet. Declutter your office. Shorten meetings. Delegate simple tasks. Outsource things you have never done before.

Like opening out in a new market.

Would you like to sell your product in France? And make your first 1000 €?

Do you have fears? Do you wonder what will happen if it goes wrong? Do you struggle to find some help?

It can be frightening. Intimidating. Nerve-racking.

I understand that.

For years, I postponed my move to the UK. I didn’t know many people in the East of England. I was apprehensive to start something new.

And despite seven years of training at the college, my English was basic, like it is for most French people of my generation. I thought it would be a big issue.

“If you don’t know the language of your enemy or your partner, you depend entirely on the people who do” says David Bellos. “There’s nothing like dependency to foster resentment and fear.”

How to unblock the fear and promote your product in French

Do you have an export strategy?
A French marketing plan?

To save time, effort and money, answer these simple questions:

1) Do you want to win French customers? Or are you curious about the French market?

2) Have you decided how much to spend for your French marketing? Year1?

3) Do you want to be in direct contact with French-speaking people? Or do you prefer not to?

4) What are your language resources?

5) Does your product comply with French regulations?

6) Does your brand name resonate with the French?

7) What can you “recycle” from your English marketing material?

8) Are you prepared to outsource a French marketer? Or do you prefer to work with an English person fluent in French?

9) Do you use online marketing?

Depending on:

  • Your answers
  • What you sell
  • How you sell it

the way to promote your product will vary. Don’t waste time and money on too many marketing activities: start with one or two actions.

Here are some examples:

  • Organise some market research to decide where to sell your product in France
  • Test the market with one-month telesales in France
  • Promote your best-seller with a single web page in French
  • Hire a French copywriter for your marketing material
  • Create a one-minute video in French for a trade show

When things begin to move develop your French marketing

A small action. Or a big project. Impulsive. Or planned. On a budget. Or luxurious. It’s time to grow your sales in France.

Some examples:

  • Create an offer to thank you your first French clients
  • Send your best clients a voucher
  • Write them a letter and tell them “a secret” about your brand
  • Send a hand written congratulation card in French to your retailer who got married. Got her first child. Extended their shop
  • Translate your app in French
  • Build a comprehensive French website
  • Set up one social media account in French
  • Sponsor a local sport event in France. A young band. Or a new building that makes sense with your product
  • Organize a presentation to 10 French journalists.

The list is infinite.

Ask for help.

Marketing is a team job.

Like playing rugby, you pass the ball when you can’t move further. You are ready to catch it again. You want speed and interaction. You want a beautiful game.

Build your team for the French market.

A winning team.

And galvanise your audience.


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