How to sell your product in France:
8 frequently asked questions

You can find answers to the most commonly asked questions about promoting and selling your products in France below.

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1 . “Nobody speaks French at our company. Is that a problem?”

You don’t need to speak French. I help you overcome the language barrier.

I help you adapt your marketing material to the French market. It’s usually not required to replicate all British marketing material for the French market. You can start with a small trial campaign.

Together we decide what marketing activities are required to promote your products and grow your business in France. I can run online or offline marketing campaigns for you, from creative strategy to delivery.


2 . “Do I need a French website?”

Translating a website is relatively easy, but keeping your website up to date in more than one language is a challenging task. So maybe you can limit the number of translated pages.
In many cases one web page in French is sufficient to start targeting the French market.

You may want to combine your French web page with email or social media marketing in the French language. Check out this article for more information about this approach.


3 . “Do I need a French distributor to sell in France?”

Working with a distribution partner can be right for some businesses, but not for all.

Appointing a distributor is often seen as a relatively easy way to gain market share abroad. But distributors often sell a wide range of products. How much attention will your branding and promotion receive?

E-commerce in France is well-developed – just like in Britain. British companies like beauty brand Essential Care successfully sell their products directly to French customers. The right approach to marketing in France depends on your business objectives and your products.


4 . “How do I know there are opportunities for my products in France?”

Most British businesses are able to sell their products in France. I can help you research the French market to give you more insight in your market potential. I have researched a variety of markets from the use of pesticides in the French farming sector to French frozen yoghurt and crisps brands.


5 . “Can I sell my product in France if it doesn’t travel well?”

Solutions can be found to most logistical challenges, but to be frank: this is not my expertise.


6 . “Are French customers interested in British products?”

Yes the French love British brands. Are you concerned about French protectionism?

If even British cheese makers export to France, shouldn’t you be able to sell your products in France, too?

Promoting your products in French doesn’t need to be complicated. And EU legislation do not prevent you from selling them in France. Learn how to avoid common mistakes when trading with French people.


7 . “We are a small company with limited resources, how can we put in place an export strategy?”

You can outsource your marketing activities to me to avoid dragging your team away from their current responsibilities. You can start with a relatively small trial campaign and expand your marketing activities when your business grows in France. I work closely with you to keep your branding consistent in French.


8 . “We have no export experience, where should we start?”

Start here: Learn how to reach the French in their own language with simple tips and advice (it’s free).

And ask for help.



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