How to successfully do French marketing

The projects outlined below include marketing activities for small and large businesses in a variety of industries in France. Each project helped the brand to get more press coverage or notoriety, more funding or more sales.
I am proud of this work.
They are samples from an extensive 25+ years portfolio. Many years later people say they look great because it is sturdy and timeless work.

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“Veronique is an accomplished French marketer living locally. I’m happy to recommend her work and connect interested parties to anyone wishing to market from the UK into France. / Tim Meadows-Smith, Chairman at First Team Business Partners, East Anglia.”



Testimonial and corporate videos for Présence Verte

Présence Verte is a key player in the panic button market in France. I helped this not-for-profit organisation to gain a leading market position.

One of the projects was to set up a digital library of video testimonials. Recording testimonials can be tricky. It requires honesty and subtlety. Testimonials can’t be sales pitches; they need to be unbiased.

The testimonials were filmed with clients and their relatives; social workers; GPs; nurses; volunteers; and funders. For more than three years we edited hundreds of hours of film to create 50 testimonials and we added new recordings when required to produce bespoke video clips.

For years they helped to establish trust and promote Présence Verte all over France.


A safety training programme for Solidel

Travailler en espaces verts en toute sécurité (or: Working safely in green spaces) is a training programme I created and developed to promote safety among professional gardeners.

The CD-ROM programme was developed at the request of technical educators at Solidel – a network of social enterprises employing workers with mental health problems and delivering gardening services to private clients and public organisations.

The objective of the program is to train landscape workers in health and safety aspects of gardening. 100% visual, the training program centres around the ten most used tools for landscaping sites.

The sales of the training programme exceeded expectations. In the first year 120 copies were sold to social enterprises, landscape companies, training companies, regional branches of Mutualité Sociale Agricole and local authorities.

The programme also received an award from the French Department for Education and full support of INSHEA, the French institute for higher education for teachers in special needs schools.

“I had the chance to work with Véronique on an important training programme CD-ROM project. Her contribution as a strong project manager, creative art director combined with outstanding communication skills, made the project a success.” Sylvie Tissot / Anabole


Newspaper advertising for Canal+

This campaign for the launch of the first French commercial TV channel is special to me. It was my first account as a junior art director. I remember the account director knocking at doors with a project that no creative team wanted to work on: small budget, unknown brand. I grabbed the opportunity and paired with a copywriter.

The schedule was relentless: Each day new ads had to be ready late afternoon and dispatched all over Paris for next day’s national newspapers.

Promoting major sport events and movies, the campaign did an excellent job. A year later, with a much bigger budget and more fame, senior creative teams were fighting to get the account.


A technical report for Mutualité Sociale Agricole

Phyt’attitude (part of Mutualité Sociale Agricole) is a research scheme which studies the impact of pesticides on the health of farmers, develops prevention strategies and provides regular feedback to public authorities and manufacturers.

I prepared a summary of a 100-page survey covering research for the period 1997 – 2007. The summary helped explain the survey to a wide audience including farmers’ unions, health bodies and national media.

I commissioned Trebuchet Creative to design a 28-page report outlining the key facts, figures and trends from the research. In 2011 the report got the attention of farmers’ unions, health bodies, scientific organisations and media at a national conference on the risks of using pesticide in farming.

“Véronique has a great ability to understand and deal with technical subjects. She delivered very high quality work, both in content and design. Her work makes sense from various data and facts that bring full recognition from the media and MSA’s partners.” ~ F. Jacquet Libaude, Responsable Promotion & Formation en Santé, MSA, Paris.


A brand identity for Kérastase Première, L’Oréal

Kérastase products are sold in hair salons all over the world. Their brand identity is one of the most simple and consistent I know.

I helped McCann Direct (one of the top direct marketing agency in Paris at the time) to win the pitch for the Kérastase account. Working closely with the creative director and the marketing director, I created a brand identity and full range of marketing material (with direct marketing campaigns) to promote a privilege service for high-spending customers in French salons.

This project opened doors for projects with beauty brands such as Groupe Yves Rocher and Docteur Pierre Ricaud.


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Enjoy reading this? Share it. Thank you very much 🙂 has been created by Véronique Mermaz, a brand and marketing specialist. She is originally from France and lives in rural England. You can find Véronique at LinkedIn or follow her on Twitter: @veroniquemermaz