How to build a squeeze page for a French-speaking audience?

How to build a squeeze page for a French audience?

“You can buy in any language but if you want to sell you’d better speak the language of your customer”.

The purpose of a squeeze page (some people call it landing page or capture page) is to build a list – or database – of contacts.

It’s the first step for online marketing.

You explain the benefit people get when they buy your product or service and that’s the message you focus on.

The page contains a form and is connected to your email platform.

Forget translation: the text is tailored for your French audience.

It’s short, sharp and attractive enough to make your prospect give their name and email address.
In exchange they can download for free something of value that helps understand your offer: a report, some engaging questions, a thought provoking image or a video about your product.

What to display on your squeeze page in French:
—  an attention-grabbing headline
—  the benefit: what people get when they buy your product or service and how it will help them in their business
—  a call to action (“enter your details here”)
—  an opt-in form: the person agrees to be contacted again via email

A clear and branded page in French is just what’s needed to start collecting the details of French potential customers.

Don’t wait until the launch of a comprehensive website in French. Build your French squeeze page as a first step. It’s a simple way to test if the French are interested in your product or service without spending a lot of money on a full website.

Create your French squeeze page under your current domain name. The page has its own URL and you can promote it via French social media (with an appropriate hashtag) as much as you can.
Choose hashtags and keywords that are relevant for the French to get results against local search engines (for example

Keep in mind that people give their name and email address when they are curious at what you do.
They demonstrate some trust: it’s gold.
Reply quickly in French. Explain your offer and why they should bother: this is the beginning of a business relationship with potential French customers.
Follow up and stay in touch.

You can link the French squeeze page to your English website with a small clickable French flag on every page of the English website: it can help spread the word.

This is a quick way to start promoting your product or service in French with a limited budget and you can test and improve the page easily: it’s flexible.

Your next step: a small website in French with localized content and offers.

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