How handy is your eCommerce website?

How handy is your eCommerce website?

Do you like buying?

Do you buy a lot of things?

I don’t.

When I buy something I want the best I can afford at the time. I want quality, easy-to-use, peace of mind and things that last. It saves me a lot of time, especially since I moved to rural England.

Good side: I enjoy the process. Gathering information, trying out when it is possible, asking questions and taking the time to choose.

Bad side: I don’t care about the last “must have”.

The better people talk about what they sell, the more likely I buy.
And the more likely I spread the word.

I have been promoting products and services for a long time. It’s been my job to create TV commercials for things I never wanted to buy.

I appreciate when I’m told the truth.

When I shop online I need:

—  to understand the language
—  great quality photos, helpful features (i.e.: zoom), clear messages and technical information
—  the possibility to ask questions (email or FREE phone call)
—  the possibility to get a personalised answer (not the automated one) quickly
—  great clarity about the buying process (way to cart, security) and the service (delivery, guarantee, refund, politeness).

Does your eCommerce website offer all that?

Do you display extra features to help your customer online?

How do you handle languages?

Would you be happy to buy on your own eCommerce platform?

Not everybody is a shopaholic.

For people like me, the less we buy the less we cope with messy websites and useless customer service.

Care: you don’t know who is browsing your website.

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