French eCommerce 2012 up by 19%

French eCommerce 2012 increased by 19%

How much do you know about the French eCommerce?

According FEVAD, the French professional body that aims to bring together all players in the e-commerce and distance selling, all the 2012 figures for French eCommerce are up. The turnover, the number of eCommerce websites and the number of online buyers.

Customer satisfaction and purchase rate have increased strongly. More people buy online. They are more and more satisfied and they buy more often.

Following the rise of smartphones and tablets, mCommerce is growing too and French customers get used to search, compare and order on their mobile device.

A recent survey (FEVAD/CSA) shows French customers’ top priorities when buying online:
— the practicality of the website
— attractive prices
— the possibility to compare

And they highlight another positive side of eCommerce and mCommerce: saving on petrol costs and time. Common sense, in any country.

Facts and figures above sound promising and the future looks good for French eCommerce.

Are you thinking about selling online in French?
Is your eCommerce platform your only shop?
Is it offered only in English?

Don’t be put off any longer by the language: language is a key and you can get it.

Would you like to know more about distance selling in France? Visit FEVAD website:
The website is in French and you can use Google translation.

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