71% of French customers prefer online shopping

71% of French customers prefer online shopping

According a recent survey, French customers are no longer in love with shops. They buy online. The Internet is their favourite way of shopping for most things, apart from books (there is a unique price for books in France wherever you buy), DVD or music.

The French enjoy the speed, the availability and personalized offers. They search for information, they compare and appreciate the diversity of products that the Internet displays.

Another study during the international fair for e-commerce (Lille, October 2012) confirms the trend: in the last 12 months 50% of French customers bought online only. The study also confirms the rise of smartphones and tablets to buy or to prepare the purchase.

For FEVAD (the French organisation that brings together all players in the e-commerce and distance selling) the French e-commerce 2012 should be about 45 billion euros.

This is a paradox: French people like shops. They enjoy the social experience and value sale assistants for their advice and help. They go into shops to check what they’ve found online.
Online buying is said to save time. But people spend hours browsing the Internet, comparing and looking for offers.

The reality: each way complements the other.

How to deal with this paradox when your French shop is your e-commerce platform in French?

What evidence can you give to French people to make them buy your British product online? How can you replace a French shop assistant?

Make the most of email marketing and social media in French.

To understand what happens with distance selling and e-commerce in France: visit FEVAD website: http://www.fevad.com/
The website is in French only and you can use Google translation.




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  1. Carol Hall
    3 years ago

    thanks for these blogs,

    I sell film/video and educational media to a French audience and have a good translator, so I am in the midst of all this, but still am looking for specifics that the French are buying on line.

    Music, CD’s and video downloads? Also, working on doing part of a film in France, the detective story of Edgar Allan Poe. I shall follow your work. Most helpful.

    C A Hall

    • Veronique
      3 years ago

      Thanks for your comment Carol. Difficult to predict what the French are looking for online. Optimized copy in French helps to be found with French search and it’s worth investing in this stage to get more enquiries and contacts from France/French-speaking people. Wishing you success with the EA Poe project.

  2. Ashwin
    3 years ago

    Hi – I wonder about this figure. While purchasing power in the UK and France is pretty equal (as of Q1 2014), and France has a bigger population, the French eCommerce sector is worth half that of the British eCommerce sector. Individual shopping basket value is also declining (although frequency of purchasing is increasing)

    How big was the sample? Is French connectivity an issue? Or is it trust in the trasnaction?