5 facts and figures on eCommerce in France

5 facts and figures on eCommerce in France

Is a revolution on its way for customers?
Or is it just an evolution?

At the end of 2012 in France:
—  nearly half of the people have a smartphone
—  more than 70% of consumers look for peer-to-peer advice before buying
—  more than 3/4 of consumers prefer to buy food in shops
—  about 1/3 of consumers use social channels to complain
—  24% of people search on the Internet before buying in a shop but 26% of people choose in a shop before buying on the Internet.

There is a lot of research and experimentation in France about the shop of the future: shopping spaces mixed with cultural or sport spaces; robots replacing sales people; 3D printing for customers; shops as inspirational places or shops as learning places.

Borders are blurred between shops and online platforms because many of us love touching, seeing, trying products and also the comfort of browsing the Internet from home.

In France 2012 social customer service is in its infancy (lack of visibility, lack of business models) and combining physical connected spaces and online channels seems to be a winning mix for brands that pay attention to best practice.

As potential customers people want respect and clear information.
As clients they want politeness and prompt delivery of service.
It’s the same offline and offline.

Like any other European country many people in France have less money to spend.
When they buy they expect a coherent buying process.
They want a positive and enjoyable experience (online and offline) from start to finish.

They are right.

Do you offer a social customer service in French?
How is it working?

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