4 steps to reach French-speaking customers online in French

4 steps to reach French-speaking customers online in French

Are you curious about France?
Do you believe it’s a safe market for expanding your business?

Do you wonder how you can start selling online to the French?

175 million people around the world speak French: some may well look online for your product right now.

Little chance to reach them when your online shop is only offered in English.

Advertising is rooted in symbolic and cultural codes that have an emotional impact on people. The link between language and identity is strong.

You can’t ignore that when you want to make sales in another language.

Here are the 4 steps to reach, connect and communicate well online with the French:
—  step 1: build a squeeze page in French
—  step 2: create a bespoke free giveaway in French
—  step 3: create and plan an email campaign in French
—  step 4: set up a social media account in French

Do you wonder how to start?
Do you feel overwhelmed?

You have marketing resources but no French language resources?

Get some help: ask your Chamber of Commerce, your UKTI team, the Alliance Française in your area or other international trade body for a recommendation.
Talk with your LinkedIn and social media networks.
Browse the Internet.
There is a wide range of French marketing support professionals ready to help.

To start, read my free report: write your email on the right (next to the photo) and learn how to promote your product in French with simple tips and advice.

It is for you and it is free.

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