3 books that helped me set up my French Marketing platform

3 books that helped me set up my French Marketing platform

How is “your” Internet?

Local and friendly?

Global and infinite and a bit-of-a-nightmare-to-dive-in?

When you decide to start something new, how do you find the right tools and the right support? How do you stay focused?

It has been a challenge for me when I started to build my online French marketing platform, at the crossroad of online marketing, social media and languages.

I researched offline and online in French and in English: examples, case studies, blogs and gurus and “how to”.
It was difficult to filter and choose what was suitable for my project because there is simply too much: who to trust? What to download? Where to register?

Eventually three books from English authors helped me start.

Written for managers “Organizations don’t tweet, people do” shows the way behind the online noise and the confusion. In his book Euan Semple describes the power of Twitter and the responsibilities attached to it. No jargon, full of practical examples. Yes, writing about my work changes my work.

In “The Niche Expert” the clear step-by-step path created by Rachel Henke is the one I used to set up ‘For your brand only’. It requires commitment. It is definitely the most interesting thing I did in the last years in my professional life: my passport to discover the best of the online marketing world. If you want to go deeper the online related programme is very comprehensive.

“Is that a fish in your ear?” asks David Bellos, French and Comparative literature teacher at Princeton University. It’s the title of his book (published in 2012 by Faber & Faber) about translation and the meaning of everything. D. Bellos is advocating plain and comprehensible text and affirms that “a language is nothing other than a system of differences”.

The three books worked well for my project.

Have you a favourite book you use for your online business? Can you tell me about it?

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  1. Alastair Clark
    5 years ago

    Hi Veronique. I am intrigued by your three books and I could not contain my smile at the thought of ‘Is that a fish in your ear? ‘

    You asked for ideas on influential books in running online business. Well, in the online world generally, not just business, I think the ideas of Jacob Nielsen own web usability are still well worth noting (even if his own web pages are plain and simple) . http://www.nngroup.com/people/jakob-nielsen/

    • Veronique
      5 years ago

      Thank you for your comment Alastair!
      The 3 books have been decisive in setting up my online platform. Each one in a different way. There is an abundance of books/websites/programmes around and it is difficlt to make choices. I recommend the Niche Expert to anybody looking for a clear way to start online, it is methodical, friendly and make sense.
      And for a francophile, David Bellos’ book is a must!
      Thanks for letting me know about Jacob Nielsen. It is amazing how many important resources come from the English-speaking world when it is about digital! Having access to languages is key…

  2. Veronique
    4 years ago

    Thanks Liz for your comment and the link. I didn’t know about the book. Will definitely dig into it without any delay! Good resources don’t wait.